Chairmans Speech

Kayan Modern was established in cooperation with a group of international franchises from the most prestigious companies in the field of laboratory processing and support services, based on its deep belief in the need to develop national, Arab and regional cadres in the Middle East according to the latest technologies and keeping abreast of the rapid development of the external world. Specialized companies in the world and expand them according to its strategic plan in the Middle East.

We aspire to be the first in these fields by providing two advantages: Quality and Distinguished Service, and to be added to the economic system in the Kingdom to contribute to achieving the vision of 2030 commensurate with the size of the Kingdom in the global market.
Hassan Al Shehri

Chairman of Board of Directors


Based on our keenness to keep abreast of the latest technologies in the field of technical engineering and we believe in the important role that technology plays in advancing the theoretical aspect, we have given this aspect all our attention and focus to supply the local market with everything new in the world of equipment, whether laboratories, laboratories or factories.

We give our customers special attention in providing engineering and technical consultancy to determine the need for equipment. We are also pleased to provide our services during the installation and operation phase and we continue to provide continuous technical support after the operation of the equipment. Therefore meeting the needs and providing technical and technical support is our motto here in modern entity.