Quality testing equipment:

  • Analytical laboratory equipment
  • Testing equipment for wheels and auto parts
  • Maintenance equipment for vehicles

Laboratory Laboratory Equipment:

  • Educational equipment (universities, technical colleges, schools)
  • Laser cutting and engraving equipment
  • 3D modeling industry
  • Equip plants and laboratories with tables and boards

Support Services:

  • Hardware training
  • Training in technical systems
  • Engineering and technical consultancy
  • Quality Test Equipment:

We provide specialized equipment for quality testing laboratories for various products to ensure compliance with local and international standards (EN ASH TO, ASTM, SASO, ISO)

Ceramic: fracture test – water absorption – surface erosion – thermal shock

Sanitary materials (faucets) Toiletries: Test of efficiency, endurance and life span test

Glass, paper, plastic: toxicity test and stress tests

Equipment for the maintenance of automobiles: Test equipment for all electronic and mechanical components of vehicles, Devices for tests of efficiency of vehicles and engines, Transmission, Advanced test lines.

Material testing: tensile test, pressure test, bending test and physical properties

Analytical laboratories: Chemical and physical analysis equipment: glassware, measuring instruments, centrifuges, toxic steam suction cabinet, sterilizers, purification plants, ovens and incubators

Laboratory Laboratory Equipment:

  • Educational and training laboratories:
  • Chemistry, Biology, Civil Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Communications
  • Chemical Engineering Mechanics and Materials Science
  • Hydraulics and air

Technical support and services:

  • Technical support is one of the most important elements of trust with our customers, so an entity committed to providing after sales service continuously: Supply of equipment to the site Beneficiary Installation of equipment for the beneficiary site Equipment operation and training to ensure equipment against defects ManufactureEncuring maintenance contracts for equipment beyond the warranty period Technical support and after-sales services during the warranty period

Support Services :

  • Hardware training
  • Training in technical systems
  • Providing technical and engineering consultancy for web design laboratories and laboratories